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The Afterlife Coach

Unique, playful plot! - Kirkus Reviews

When Claire Anderson returns home from a canceled vacation, she is in for quite a surprise. Napoleon Bonaparte is sitting in her living room watching CNN. Soon Claire finds that the legendary leader is not the only unexpected guest: her kitchen contains Janis Joplin and Count Dracula. While an ordinary person would find such a scene deeply troubling, Claire is anxious but not completely flustered.  The idea that such afterlife coaches exist makes for a unique, playful plot focusing on the possibility of life after death. Wouldn’t it be comforting (or perhaps annoying) to know that you may be able to work through problems you dealt with in life even after you died? Paul’s story is at its best when indulging in the zany and there is no telling when all the kookiness will end and the deceased will recede to the pages of history. This tale offers an exuberant take on the afterlife.

Review by Lisa McCombs of Readers' Favourite

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ How do you feel about unexpected visitors? At one time, random company would not have bothered Claire. After the death of her husband, though, Claire faces a life alone with no surprise visitors and the impending departure of her college age twins. Alone except for the midnight visits from Clint, her adopted raccoon, who is intent upon bringing his uninvited raccoon posse outside her bedroom window every night. Maybe alone is better after all. She knew she had to ready herself for the empty nest syndrome that would settle soon upon her home. But she isn’t ready for the wave of unexpected guests in the form of Napoleon Bonaparte, Count Dracula, and Janis Joplin. Occupying every inch of her home, eating Fruit Loops in her kitchen, these visitors are related to the job she left many months before. Unwanted and uninvited, Bonaparte, Joplin, and the Prince of Darkness were somehow detoured on their way from In Between to After. Fortunately for them, Claire is a retired Afterlife coach. Unfortunately for Claire, she said farewell to that job some time ago. All those years she managed to hide her profession from her friends, family and her beloved Daniel. She wasn’t ready to start explaining herself now. Enjoy the antics of Claire and her deceased buddies in The Afterlife Coach by Susan E. Paul. Outrageously funny and remarkably witty, Susan E. Paul has created the novel of the decade. I am so glad that I selected this book to review. I haven't laughed so much in a long time. Hope to read about Cleopatra soon! There is never a dull moment, never a wasted page in this literary romp on the wild side.

Really enjoyed The Afterlife Coach by Susan Paul: original concept...touching journey of the protagonist and "supporting characters"... funny and charming. I'm just waiting to see who will pick it up for Hollywood! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- Margaret

I just finished The Afterlife Coach which I couldn't put down! What a creative and unique concept. I loved it! I think it would be an awesome film.

- Melanie Starr Hewitt

I can't give this book enough stars! So fun and different. *****

- Lara S.

"I absolutely loved The Afterlife Coach. I was an early (and big) fan of Snoop, but have to say that this one is even better. Highly recommended."

- Janet B. (Montreal)

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"Delightful romp - both funny (to the point of guffawing) and tender (to the point of tears). Loved "living vicariously" through these adventures (and mid-adventures). The protagonists were very relatable and their "sidekicks" were truly unique and charming. I was happy to travel this quest with all of them, and would love a next book from this author with their "next adventures!"

- M Davis (Amazon)

The novel is hilarious, with sharp composition, a chatty, just-us-friends style, and sassy dialogue. Julia is witty, decent, likable and a tad klutzy—very Sandra Bullock—and many scenes have appealingly comic setups. A smart, saucy tale with a bit of bite that also provides ample opportunities to toss out one-liners and occasional remarks about celebrities. Overall, the book reads like the script for a rom-com (Julia even notes at one point that her story would make “a great movie”), which may be more than enough to captivate readers."

- Kirkus Reviews

“Intrigue, romance, friendship and sexy bits -- all the ingredients for a sure-fire hit.”

- The Reader's Review

Snoops gives a terrific first impression, with a fun, bright cover that’s entirely appropriate for chick lit (and for what it’s worth, I hate that term) nature of the narrative. The clever chapter titles and asides give it a welcoming, chatty, casual air that really works. The text is cleanly edited and the author’s voice is fun, casual, and extremely readable. Most importantly, the jokes work and as we all know, dying is easy, comedy is hard! The real strength of the book lies in its believable, eminently likeable, and irrepressible characters. They romp through a fun set-up that mixes illicit sex with the daily humdrum of marriage and parenting in a way that’s never dirty or salacious but always all in great fun. The ending wraps up tidily and all in all Snoop is a real pleasure to read."

- Writer's Digest Self-Published Book Awards

"Great feel-good book with an engaging plot line and believable characters, guaranteed to make you laugh! Overall, loved it and its entourage of hilarious characters."

- Sophia (London)

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