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Audrey Hepburn

Here is a photo of me on my third birthday...

Born in Montreal, Canada, on April Fool's Day, I am certain that one day my mother is going to tell me that I was really born on March 31st. Until then, I endure untold practical jokes every year on my birthday. Notwithstanding all this uncertainty, I have managed to earn a B.A. in Economics and a law degree. I have practiced tax, corporate and criminal law, owned many dogs, married and had a baby (not necessarily in that order).


I spent many years shivering through the harsh Canadian winters and was whisked away from it all by my husband whose job moved us to the UK and Switzerland. It didn't take long for me to figure out that this was no great improvement on the weather front. Happily, the gods were smiling upon us, and in short order we relocated to Singapore, where we sweated away copious amounts of fat and ate our new body weight in Chicken Rice and Dim Sum. Joining us on our adventure was our insane dog who soon had a new best friend, an unwanted, yet ever-present, monitor lizard who regularly mistook our pool for the South China Sea.


Now it looks as though I will have come full circle as we're moving back to Canada. No matter where I am, most days I can be found chained to my desk working on my next novel...at least until April Fool’s Day rolls around.



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